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For car detailing of the highest quality, choose SV Detailing, based in Plymouth, Devon. We take care of everything, ensuring your vehicle looks great and is completely protected. With a number of packages and a commitment to quality guaranteed, there are few better than SV Detailing, so call us now.

Enhancement Detail | from £250

The enhancement detail is designed to clean, decontaminate, and enhance the all-round appearance of your vehicle. This service permanently removes between 60 and 80% of paint defects and swirl marks. Our process consists of using a stage one machine and then a layer of wax to protect the end result. This includes:


Our Maintenance Detail is ideal to freshen your car's appearance, top up the existing protection on the car to achieve that perfect ‘just Detailed' finish. This package is designed for vehicles that have previously been detailed by ourselves or for customers with well maintained vehicles.

For optimum protection, a maintenance package is recomended every 3-6 months (frequency will depend on protection applied and vehicle usage)

New Car Protection Package | from £160

This package is designed for brand new vehicles only.

Protect your new investment and pride and joy with our New Car Protection Package. You purchase a new car, you want it to look brand new like it just came out of the showroom . 90% of new cars are not sufficiently protected and can actually be damaged during the preparation stage at the car dealers. To ensure that your new purchase arrives in the best possible condition we recommend asking your supplying dealer NOT to prep your vehicle. Bring it to us for a safe and protected finish and it WILL look better than new.


Before Winter comes, it is time to get your car protected from the road salt and winter grime before that weather hits. This page lists the Winter Protection Valet package available now from SV Detailing.

This is a comprehensive valet, and covers every aspect of your car’s exterior.


Our Single Stage Protection Package will improve colour, gloss and clarity by approximately 50-60%. Deeper swirls marks and scratches may receive a reduction in severity on our Single Stage Package.

Our Single Stage Swirl Reduction Package is designed to remove light swirling, oxidisation and restore a high gloss & slick finish to your cleaned and prepped paintwork. Ideally suited to well cared for/newer vehicles. The car receives our professional wash process and full de-contamination which includes clay bar to remove the bonded fall-out particles, tree sap and also tar remover is applied to remove the baked on tar deposits from the car.

We polish the paintwork with a single stage pre-wax cleaner/polish to remove very light swirling, restore gloss, remove any visible oxidisation which cleans and leaves the paintwork ready for any protection to be applied.


Our 2 Stage Enhancement Protection Detail offers a paintwork rescue package, capable of removing approx 70-85% of all defects, including heavy swirling, marring, oxidisation and scratches. This package is designed to correct defects and enhance the visual appearance of the paintwork.
This package is our 2 stage - cut and refine combination reducing the defects on the paintwork and leaving a great gloss and finish. Through this process we will take photographs of our '50/50's' to show the real difference of the polishing process ensuring the removal of the swirl marks. This package is a perfect option to improve the clarity and depth of your paintwork to almost any car, improving the appearance and certainly an added bonus when thinking of selling the car on.


You want the best for your car then why not treat your car with our 3 stage Correction & Protection Package. This package is designed to correct heavy swirling, paint defects and maximise the visual appearance of the car and is recommended for neglected vehicles of all ages or heavily defected paintwork. In this process we are removing a very small percentage of the vehicles clear coat or upper layer to reveal a fresh new layer of clear coat beneath to achieve the defect free finish.

In this package we aim to achieve between 95-99 % of defects removal but in some cases depending on the car and paint thickness these may be limiting factors. This Detail is a lot slower process and can take time to remove the deeper marks and swirl marks, extensive machine techniques are used to achieve the highest 'Detailed' finish.

Once the correction and refinement stages have been completed the next stage will be protection where we can offer wax, acrylic or sealants to give you the best gloss finish and protection for your car. The options will be discussed with the customer prior to booking to select the best product for the car and colour and of course to suit your needs. We want the best possible finish for your car and will work with you through this process. If you want 'breathtaking' results and also want the car better than showroom condition then this is a package your car needs.

To learn more about our car waxing and washing services, contact us, in Plymouth, Devon.

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